Interoperability Platform: i-models to Unlock the Value of Information Mobility

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Interoperability Platform: i-models to Unlock the Value of Information Mobility

Bentley’s i-models are fundamental to its overall interoperability strategy of enabling information mobility. There are many interoperability “pain points” within user workflows that can be addressed and alleviated by i-models and their supporting infrastructure. The key to unlocking the full value of information technology is to solve the interoperability challenge through i-models like Bently did.

This white paper that begins with the key elements of Bentley’s interoperability platform strategy, and then focuses on the implementation of i-models. It highlights:

  • How the Bentley’s i-model strategy for implementing an interoperability platform is transcending the limitations of these approaches?

  • What are the characteristics of i-models concepts and implementation in order to support the requirements of a federated environment and enable information mobility?

  • What are the common challenges in adopting a strategy for interoperability and implementation of i-model ?

  • Fundamental enabler that allows users to reap the benefits of Bentley's i-model technology

  • Interoperability challenges that were mitigated by the Bentley’s i-model implementation

Read this whitepaper which addresses the Bentley’s i-model implementation strategy and supporting technology to address the issue of interoperability. It also guides on motivation, characteristics, and supporting software infrastructure required for i-models.


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