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Current Builders to Avert Theft at Construction Sites with the aid of Smartwater CSI

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 5, 2015

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL: Current Builders Construction company confirms its partnership with SmartWater CSI, a crime prevention company, in efforts to cut down Construction site thefts.  Through this partnership the company plans to deploy a forensically traceable fluid termed as SmartWater across its several construction sites in South Florida and United States.  

SmartWater is a traceable liquid which is applied on personal, commercial, or industrial items of value to deter theft and to identify culprits for prosecution. The non-hazardous liquid leaves a long lasting and unique identifier, whose presence is invisible to the naked eye except under an ultraviolet black light.  SmartWater has found its applications across various industries and has been successfully instilling confidence amongst various business owners and even household.

Major commercial organizations such as Hypower, Uhaul and Steinmart and others are protecting their metal and cable infrastructures with SmartWater. Another area that has used the 'SmartWater Strategy' is Nottingham in England, where 56,000 homes have now had their property marked with individual SmartWater signatures and covert operations using SmartWater were instigated by the police. There has been a reported 40 percent reduction in burglary since the start of the initiative.

“Current Builders is using SmartWater CSI to deter theft of tools and equipment on our construction jobsites,” in the words of Bert Wilson, Structures Division Manager for Current Builders. “We are very pleased with the product and highly recommend it for use in the construction industry.”

SmartWater is backed by its proven track record in drastically bringing down the number of on field thefts, hence it would render the company an extra window to enhance customer satisfaction.