AccuBuild: Complete Management Solutions with Customizable Benefits

Chuck Schwartz, COO
Before entering the software development space, Chuck Schwartz, COO of AccuBuild, worked with a contractor based in New York during the early 80s. Since then, Chuck has witnessed technology in the construction industry shift from hefty mainframe systems with monochrome monitors to centralized and mobile cloud platforms. In 2012, he joined a private accounting firm as the head of their technology consulting practice, responsible for assisting in bringing construction management software to their contractor clients. Soon into his tenure he realized that his clients were dissatisfied with the product that most of them were using, Sage Timberline. Chuck went on a nationwide search to bring newer and better solutions to their clients, and it was in this process that he found AccuBuild Construction Software. After some early and ongoing success, Chuck joined AccuBuild, realizing the benefits of its customer-driven product model. The AccuBuild platform provides a complete solution for contractors that integrate with the organization’s operations. “AccuBuild satisfies the entire organization—accounting, operations, and executives. All integrated into a single solution that can be tailored according to the client’s requirements,” explains Chuck.

The solutions developed by AccuBuild aim to eradicate an omnipresent construction challenge—communicating crucial data between the construction site and the main office. AccuBuild Mobile is a cloud based offering that allows site supervisors to efficiently communicate crucial data to the office utilizing commonly used mobile devices (smartphones, iPads, tablets, notebooks, etc.) and enabling a less paper intensive and manual environment. “All data is transmitted to the client’s AccuBuild system from the site in real-time, paving the way for automation and reduced manual entry of information,” comments Chuck. He articulates that in most cases, contractors have similar business challenges or goals. Therefore 80 percent of the solution remains unchanged while the remaining 20 percent is often tailored to the unique needs of the customer.
AccuBuild induces customizable benefits into its solution by tailoring their software to match individual business requirements. The reporting module in Accubuild is also integrated, eliminating the often painful requirement for a third party reporting software, and further increasing AccuBuild’s efficiencies.

The company has served a number of illustrious clients in the construction industry. Those include United Infrastructure Group (UIG) in South Carolina. UIG was coming off of legacy construction accounting system, and was challenged among other things with a large and manual payroll, much of which was for staff working in the field. The adoption of AccuBuild Mobile provided the platform for collecting payroll timecard information from field superintendents and foremen, all in real time.

We serve the entire organization, from the executives all the way to the mobile workforce

Another challenge was that UIG’s projects are complex and prolonged in nature; this affected the budget estimation of individual projects as the final cost incurred could increase according to several factors. AccuBuild is replacing their conventional excel sheet system with their own tailored, integrated solution.

AccuBuild’s support response, development, and product innovation happen rapidly, and their customer-driven development model ensures that they are developing what the industry is asking for, not what they think the industry wants or needs. The company strives to address the requirements of the customers. “AccuBuild is getting the attention in the market that it deserves, and in the days and years to follow, the company will continue to grow thanks to the relationships we have and the satisfied customers we serve,” concludes Chuck.


Georgetown, TX

Chuck Schwartz, COO

Provides a fully integrated and tailorable business management solution for contractors.