Construx Solutions - SmartPM: An Efficient Data Management System to Streamline Projects

Michael A. Pink, Founder and CEO
After acquiring 15 years of experience as a construction consultant in the Big 4 environment, Michael A. Pink, Founder and CEO of Construx Solutions, determined that the construction industry would benefit greatly through significant technological advances in project-level data management and analytics. According to Pink, “data is everywhere on a construction site, and holds the answers to any and all questions that project management has regarding performance variances, productivity assessment, impacts, delays, budget overruns, and forecasting throughout the entire construction cycle.” Pink goes on to state that, “the challenge that the industry faces is the collection of data, and how to organize and analyze it in an efficient and effective way to support project management in the decision-making process.” As a result, Construx has developed and launched SmartPM a technology platform that Pink wholeheartedly believes has solved this major industry problem.

With a vision to provide real-time data visibility and analytics in construction management functions, Construx Solutions has effectively improved profitability for several construction businesses. For instance, a medium-sized construction company was struggling to maintain essential tasks such as CPM scheduling, delay and impact analysis, cost analysis and project reporting. Consequently, they often had to either hire external consultants or write off the loss in hopes that they would make it up on other projects – all of which negatively impacted its bottom line. After setting up Construx Solutions’ cloud-based SmartPM system, that construction company gained complete visibility on performance through real-time metrics, analytics and daily evaluation of site activities, reducing losses and increasing profit margins.

SmartPM is a competent data management system that has various built-in functionalities to capture, store, analyze and utilize data in ways never seen before. “These integrated functions build a very detailed “as-built” history of the project and allows clients to analyze project cost variances, schedule impacts, and the progress and performance of the various trades at any level, at any time, at the click of a button,” says Pink,
“if you have your project team do their daily reports and timesheets in SmartPM—instead of a Word or Excel document that sits in a file cabinet for eternity—our program will instantaneously update your schedule, cost accounting, and ERP systems. As a result, archaic functions like updating a schedule once a month—on a thing as dynamic as a construction project— are superseded by real-time data collection.”

While we still offer all of our consulting services to clients involved in commercial construction, we strive to automate most of the services that we are hired to perform through our SmartPM system

Pink also believes that the major problem that curtails well-organized deployment of technology in the construction space is a lack of software integration among useful systems. “Majority of IT products in the construction space have difficulty supporting each other, and rarely include multiple important processes, often increasing the user’s workload by having to enter information into multiple systems,” says Pink. SmartPM solves that problem by providing a one-stop-shop for data entry through multiple “standard” entry formats which are designed to extract relevant data entered into the system to update other crucial systems through integration. According to Pink, “By utilizing our system, businesses can monitor the status of an on-going project to prevent critical delays and cost overruns, while adding significant efficiencies to the construction management process.”

After mastering the art of data tracking and management, Construx Solutions is focusing on simplifying and enhancing the construction management landscape through the additions of predictive analytics features, as well as extensive integration and automation efforts. Currently, the company aims to fully automate their data management system for ensuring maximum output and minimum human intervention.

Construx Solutions

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Michael A. Pink, Founder and CEO

Provides technology and consultancy services for construction companies to gain enhanced visibility through efficient data management.