Dexter + Chaney: Demystifying the Intricacies of Construction Landscape

Dr. Jianfei Xu, CEO and CTO
Earlier this year, addressing the industry experts at the NUCA’s 2015 conference in Florida, John Chaney, CEO and Co-Founder of Dexter + Chaney, painted the company’s vision of leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet the requisites of construction management. For more than 30 years, the company supplies the construction industry with construction software for business and operations. From office to job site, accounting to project management, and across several chief stages of construction management, the company’s solutions enable enterprises to set up their own user-definable workflow steps. “Our comprehensive suite of ‘Spectrum Construction Software’ solutions facilitate cloud computing by offering a simple interface that allow professionals to work from any connected device, anywhere and anytime,” delineates Chaney.

Dexter + Chaney offers an advanced book-keeping tool, Spectrum Accounting that facilitates organizations to gain complete view of a project’s financial status. Designed explicitly for the construction industry, the tool efficiently manages job cost from start to finish, keeps positive cash flow, simplifies payroll processing, and streamlines the invoice approval process. The tool also offers specialized sub-utilities such as General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management, and Job Cost. The presence of these sub-utilities allows organizations to keep track of key performance indicators and get information in real-time. “The added proficiency of our tool to offer an interactive dashboard allows professionals to get real-time financial snapshots,” extols Chaney. He adds, “The utilization of these snapshots guides professionals to formulate imperative financial choices.”

Alternatively, Dexter + Chaney demonstrates its market relevance and viability by providing a pragmatic solution, Spectrum Equipment Management. The solution streamlines the tracking of equipments by performing systematic analysis on equipment’s investment. “Our directed effort in implementing effective equipment management encourages a firm to practice preventive maintenance,” points out Chaney.

Our directed effort in implementing effective equipment management encourages a firm to practice preventive maintenance

Furthermore, the company also provides Spectrum HR + Payroll solution that meticulously handle hiring processes, employee benefits and payroll practices. The capability of HR + Payroll solution to rationalize the complete personnel data enables secure means to store, track and access the HR records. “Our best-in-class solution creates a virtual filing cabinet system to digitize the employee accounts. This in turn ensures swiftness across all HR operations,” asserts Chaney. Apart from the aforementioned solutions, Dexter + Chaney offers several other enterprise-class solutions concerning the fields of Project Management, Material management, Service Management and Reporting. Maximizing the bottom line of enterprises, the utilization of these solutions drives optimal value throughout the construction life-cycle.

Leveraging such competence, the company has assisted several enterprises across the globe in avoiding the predicaments of construction management. For example, Snelson Companies, a U.S. based pipeline Construction Company, found itself bogged down in paperwork. All time sheets—from multiple employees on multiple jobs in the field—would come into Snelson’s payroll department and would be manually entered. Seeking to streamline these processes and avoid duplicate entries, the company effectively leveraged Dexter + Chaney’s Payroll and HR solution to streamline the entire employee data. “The knack of our software in importing accurate data from the field enabled the client to witness benefits such as fewer errors and reduced processing time,” expresses Chaney. The company continues to sustain considerable traction for their cutting-edge construction solutions. “Our long-standing experience and insightful knowledge on intricacies of construction landscape puts us at the forefront in carrying-out distinguished innovations,” concludes Chaney.

Dexter + Chaney

Seattle, WA

Dr. Jianfei Xu, CEO and CTO

Provides project-based construction management software solutions for the industrial construction sector.