OnTrack Engineering: Tracking Projects with OnTrack Project Manager

Matthew Milinusic, President
In the construction industry, promising technologies are continuing to evolve the workflows of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) firms. To enhance coordination and project management capabilities, solution providers are focusing on negating the challenges. Understanding the potential opportunity, the founder of OnTrack Engineering, Mike Milinusic designed and used project management software over 20+ years that integrated the functions of procurement and project controls.

With the new leadership of Matthew Milinusic, the current President of the firm, the Canada-based company is releasing their next generation project execution system which recognizes the value of IT for engineering and construction projects and greatly expands on the software offering. An easy fit into any type of environment, OnTrack provides customers with Cloud-based or customer-premise hosting tailored to suit their organizational and project needs.

Unlike existing solutions, the current OnTrack Project Manager Suite comprises a number of fully integrated modules that provide powerful functionality in the areas of procurement and contracts, material management, planning, project financial, cost control, document control, collaboration and portfolio management. The firm’s unique technology integrates these functions into a single software. “OnTrack Project Manager assimilates all the functions into one smooth operating solution to provide a powerful project execution system,” remarks Milinusic. The platform meets the requirements of the multiple single systems used in EPC companies and offers a virtual layer to capture the changes in the projects. As OnTrack is built on the .NET framework, it supports the latest specifications. The OnTrack platform operates as a mediator of accounting and operational management and the system estimates the productivity of the company’s projects. “The value generated using OnTrack is driven by the new integrated platform, and offers some fundamental improvements to various workflows that have traditionally caused delay and overruns.

OnTrack offers an advanced system which promotes single-point data entry while other project management platforms fall down on redundancy of data entry and disparate systems,” adds Milinusic. Moreover, the platform fits into corporate infrastructures and leverages active directory, corporate email, SQL VMs, and existing file systems.
OnTrack is not an integrator for project controls as such. Instead, OnTrack links to planning software and ERPs. Manifesting numerous ways to reduce the risks in the system, the platform also helps in achieving financial savings to increase productivity and facilities of the EPC companies. Milinusic explained that one of the major EPC clients of OnTrack detected a gap between the purchasing and expediting modules in their existing SAP implementation. We imported the SAP purchase orders into OnTrack Project Manager this allowed for full expediting and inspections thus collating it all into one report instead of numerous reports and untraceable materials. Ontrack added new features to the software’s logistics model to offer accurate delivery metrics and forecasting. Using the platform, the client also enhanced their productivity improving their project delivery across the board.

Many of our long time clients recognized the benefits of OnTrack early on. The utilization of OnTrack Project Manager across their project portfolios helped them achieve amazing growth in a short period. We are proud to help our clients reach a higher level of the capability maturity model through leveraging the efficiencies and greater capabilities the system affords. By working with our clients and focusing on their needs we create synergies by incorporating their best practices into the system.

OnTrack Project Manager assimilates multiple functions into one smoothly operating solution providing a powerful project execution system

“Tracking projects cost is the core function of our company’s product and thus the name ‘OnTrack Engineering’,” mentions Milinusic. Staying on track, the company has plans to further expand their services into more broad management consulting and is focused on the launch of their new platform. “OnTrack will continue to build out the new platform to include tried and true technologies and business thinking to drive the procedure of standardization across the EPCM landscape,” ends Milinusic.

OnTrack Engineering

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Matthew Milinusic, President

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