PMWeb: Single Database Application to Enhance Project Effectiveness

Marc Jaude, President and Founder
Project management solutions are gaining prominence in the market since they play a vital role in transforming the construction industry. However, many organizations face challenges from having to use a multitude of different software products to manage their projects and build infrastructure. To thwart these obstacles, organizations are on a constant look out for viable partners that can deliver suitable solutions to boost project effectiveness. At this juncture, PMWeb is one such company that is helping customers to effectively alleviate the burden of having to deploy multiple interfaces, manage numerous databases, and maintain relationships with several vendors. “We offer a single database application platform that helps customers eliminate the need for integrating different software products company-wide,” says Marc Jaude, President and Founder, PMWeb.

Based in Wakefield, MA, PMWeb is at the forefront of delivering a distinct web-based application that assists project partners gain access to real-time data. With PMWeb, construction companies can streamline their project functions which in turn results in cost reduction. According to Jaude, the key is centralization and integration to be successful in the construction industry. “Most people use the project functions very inefficiently. For example, planning is usually scattered across dozens of spreadsheets, none of them are cross referenced, searchable, or reportable,” he exemplifies. From planning and engineering forms to cost management, scheduling, and asset management, all these functions are organized, backed up, and archived in a single platform. “PMWeb provides users a pragmatic ability to plan, build, and operate project lifecycle under a distinct program,” says Jaude.

PMWeb is designed as a modular system that has a multitude of features ranging from international functional requirements such as multi-currency, multi-language, international tax support, and advanced payments to HTML based custom form designers and true business intelligence within the application. Additionally, PMWeb is improving its application by leveraging a talented development team that has decades of industry experience.
“More than 50 percent of PMWeb employees are in development and are some of the best and brightest programmers in the field,” highlights Jaude.

PMWeb prides itself in maintaining long term relationships with leading companies like General Electric (GE). As a long standing customer of PMWeb, GE approached the company looking for a solution that can help them manage their supply chain globally. Firstly, the customer needed vendor approvals, Request for Proposal (RFP) management, online bidding, and contract awards. PMWeb met the demand by providing them with Vendor Pre- Qualification, Procurement, and Cost Management modules. Secondly, GE wanted a distinct software platform to further manage their supply chain from Bidding to Award. PMWeb assisted the customer by delivering an easy-to-use interface that facilitated Project Cost Controls and robust interactive reporting to communicate and collaborate with the entire project team and Vendors. “GE took advantage of PMWeb’s Visual Workflow to define and automate their business process,” says Marc. PMWeb allowed GE to achieve project effectiveness through the delivery of single sign-on, configurable solution that is multi-language and multi-currency capable.

PMWeb provides users a pragmatic ability to plan, build, and operate their project lifecycle under a distinct program

After cementing its foothold in the construction industry, PMWeb’s eyes are set on investing substantial amount of resources to develop a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module and Building Information Modeling (BIM) along with enhanced resource management. PMWeb is also planning to expand its operations in the international markets.


Wakefield, MA

Marc Jaude, President and Founder

Provides portfolio, program and project management software solutions that help organizations to effectively manage the lifecycle of their facilities and infrastructure.