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Jim Paulson, President
Project Management has grown in prominence around construction sector with regards to administration of assignments in the most regimented manner. Relying on a complex network of owners, architects, engineers, construction managers, contractors, and sub-contractors to accomplish projects, construction firms emphasize on project management to perform operations in a systematic manner. Headquartered at Portland, OR, Viewpoint provides construction-specific software solutions to global construction firms to improve project profitability and visibility, manage risk, and effectively collaborate with the entire project team. “Our robust software solutions bring about the collaboration among the entire construction network,” says Jim Paulson, President, Viewpoint.

Built by Viewpoint, solutions such as Vista and Project collaboration software hold a key role in executing the operations more efficiently in the construction sector. Viewpoint’s suite solution, Vista helps contractors to manage operations like accounting, human resources, project management, collaboration, mobility, estimating, content and service management. To curb the complexities involved in the field as well as office, Viewpoint developed project collaboration software eradicates the need for installation of additional software. “Drawings, documents, emails, and contracts need to be shared quickly among all stakeholders for better management and completion of projects within the confined time, this function is exclusively performed by project collaboration software,” notes Paulson. It manages documents for specific projects and ensures effortless collaboration in sharing the documents (RFIs, submittals, schedules, daily logs, job photos, health/safety, meeting minutes, and mission critical reports) among other individuals.

Furthermore, ProContractor is an all-in-one cloud solution that helps the construction fraternity to gain visibility across the entire project lifecycle and project completion. Accessible from anywhere, whether office or field, ProContractor provides real-time information to stay on schedule and execute operations. ProContractor reveals the adequate information to execute the operations within the confined budget, thereby ensuring accurate financial practices and reporting in one single system.
Finally, Viewpoint’s Estimating solution takes care of accurate evaluation of project expenses to earn better profits. “Estimating is an easy-to-use solution that saves time for contractors, simplifies workflow, and maintains pipeline of opportunities,” shares Paulson.

Our robust software solutions bring about the collaboration among the entire construction network

As a trusted construction solution provider, Viewpoint has transformed the manual operations of several clients into effortless functions with their software. For instance, Chandos Construction, a progressive general contractor, needed a scalable software platform to match their growth objectives. Chandos decided to use Viewpoint’s Vista solution to streamline their entire gamut of operations. Viewpoint implemented the solution, which eventually changed client’s chain of operations in handling documents, and approval processes. “Chandos experienced a spectacular change in their business procedures, when they moved from three systems to Vista’s single solution,” states Paulson. In addition, the invoices were generated on time and the professionals of Chandos felt more organized in every action they performed through Vista’s support.

Viewpoint's efficacy and service around the construction sector for over three decades has earned them a unique position in the construction management software marketplace. “Our sole focus is toward addressing the unique needs of the construction professionals, rather than looking into the resources for building solutions,” notes Paulson. Recently, Viewpoint has launched its latest version of cloud-based ProContractor solution for better proficiency across all areas by the construction professionals. “We are continuously striving to define the edge of innovative construction management technology and we’ve been offering our rock-solid software platform to manage even the most critical assignment effortlessly,” concludes Paulson.


Portland, OR

Jim Paulson, President

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