Kespry: From Nothing to Answers

David Shearer, VP Marketing
From 2016 to 2020, Goldman Sachs predicts a $100 billion market for drones, which are now being integrated into uses in commercial and civil government sectors. Yes–that is billion–with a “B.” Being founded in 2013 makes Kespry a veteran of the industry. And Kespry is poised to lead the market through their aerial intelligence platform that integrates data gathering with cloud technology and data management.

Kespry has evolved into a full intelligence solution that provides a holistic approach to using drones as a data gathering tool. During the initial stages of Kespry’s development, the team identified three big challenges that could be addressed by a Kespry drone–mobility, technical training, and reliable field data. Focusing on the construction industry, their platform was designed to maximize mobility, provide a user interface that requires almost no training, and delivers 2D or 3D data via the Kespry cloud in a short span of time via a web browser. Kespry continues its growth in the insurance and aggregates industries and their services have been expanded to the construction industry.

The use of drones to gather aerial intelligence allows the user to explore and move around a construction site or a physical location. Simultaneously, the technology produces images that are more detailed and comprehensive and data is delivered in a much shorter span of time rather than days or weeks. Kespry’s technology enhances this capability further by supporting the combination of accurate aerial data with site plans creating a more holistic assessment of physical sites and/or inventories. PDF files can also be overlaid on the site visual to improve decision-making. Finally, the Kespry Cloud supports output to 20 of the most popular file formats for construction and CAD tools allowing easy integration within the user’s business processes.

Data management via the Kespry Cloud makes it easy to manage site data by location or date across multiple sites through a single interface. The consolidation requires no effort by the customer as all new data is logged into a single company profile.

Kespry is poised to lead the market through their aerial intelligence platform that integrates data gathering with cloud technology and data management

The Kespry Cloud stitches the images taken by the drone not just into a single visual -but into a detailed, high-resolution 3D model that considers attributes like gradient and density. Once in the system, any user with secured Kespry Cloud access can get detailed information about inventory.

Kespry is the only drone solution to provide a fully integrated service from “field to finished data” which includes all hardware, software and maintenance services from a single provider. The drone industry is very young and many entering the commercial space have discovered integrating these different systems is harder and more expensive than they anticipated. This is a significant point of differentiation for Kespry. The Kespry service model also includes an annual service plan with dedicated Customer Success services providing one number to call to speak with a human representative for questions, maintenance challenges or troubleshooting.

Per David Shearer, Vice President of Marketing, Kespry’s mission from the beginning has been to make capturing data in the field to finished, usable data in the business as friction free as possible. Removing the friction in technology can create means for employees to spend more time to focus on core business performance and competitive advantages, not integration and technical issues. As any technology buyer knows, smooth and consistent delivery translates into user confidence that the solution is production ready, accurate, and reliable.


Menlo Park, CA

David Shearer, VP Marketing

Kespry Aerial Intelligence Drone system has integrated cloud data management with autonomous drone technology to produce a seamless integration of hardware, software and services