SIS Software: Managing Every Aspect of a Project Lifecycle

Maxwell Thomas, Partner & EVP
The construction industry has resurged from its recessionary times, with more sophistication required for complex projects, and greater reliance on data-driven processes. Historically, construction companies have been leveraging point solutions for various business processes in lieu of an integrated approach to bring together diverse business applications and processes. “With many disparate applications and point solutions that are implemented over the years as a company grows, it is difficult to support and integrate all of those applications to deliver ‘one version of the truth’,” begins Maxwell Thomas, Partner and EVP with, Strategic Industry Solutions (SIS). As profit margins become arduous to manage and maintain, companies require consolidation and integration of business critical applications to access accurate information and drive intelligent decisions. “In this scenario, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functions as the groundwork for integration of information systems throughout an enterprise,” he adds. SIS offers ERP, Project Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that meet the needs of construction companies to link business operations like—job cost, human resources, finance, Payroll, materials management and more.

Since its outset in delivering ERP solutions, SIS has been providing comprehensive construction ERP and CRM software based on Microsoft Dynamics solutions focused on improving efficiency and boosting profit margins acrossthe enterprise. As cloud adoption gains momentumin the construction landscape, SIS is prepared to help clients stay ahead of the curve and gain efficiency with a construction enhanced version of AX7 and the new Dynamics 365 Enterprise—the enhanced cloud-based AX flagship ERP system from Microsoft. The firm delivers and enhances the feature-rich Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics SL, and Dynamics CRM to track, analyze, and manage the entire project lifecycle.

Accentuating the need for ERP in construction, Thomas states how companies incur losses or margin fadedue to the lack of a comprehensive construction management software solution to better manage fundamental risks such as labor, materials and subcontracts. Addressing this need, “SIS helps project managers mitigate risk with software built on open technology that automates time, expense and equipment usage entry to job cost and payroll—simultaneously managing cost and productivity in real time,” illustrates Thomas.

SIS helps project and service driven companies mitigate risk with software built on open technology that unifies business processes and delivers One Version of the Truth

The firm’s Dynamics AX/D365 Construction Software assists in budgeting and forecasting major projects while managing labor with automated time entry and Union/Certified Payroll. “This unifies and simplifies the labor productivity management needs of large enterprises without depending on a weekly or bi-weekly payroll run,” states Thomas. One of SIS Clients; a national electrical contractor, was challenged by legacy systems that did not track KPIs on service calls and contracts. After implementing Dynamics AX and the SIS construction enhancements, the client’s project and service business processes were improved dramatically to allow measuring of key metrics for thousands of service calls to improve profits and customer service.

With more than 20 years of industry experience, SIS meets the unique project and document management needs of construction companies with Compass, a SharePoint solution that streamlines tasks, communications and document workflow witha single point of access. “This highly configurable project management solution helps manage and monitor unstructured processes, project activity, workflow routing and approval, resource scheduling, document revisions and collaboration in one platform,” explains Thomas.

Surging ahead with unique attributes like the “I Care Factor” focused on our customer satisfaction commitment, SIS is making strides in the construction landscape with its robust software tools and industry experience for project and service focused companies. In days to come, “We are preparing to expand our footprint in the cloud as well as geographic and industry presence,” concludes Thomas.

SIS Software

Duluth, GA

Maxwell Thomas, Partner & EVP

Provider of construction ERP and CRM software based on Microsoft Dynamics business solutions to improve efficiency and boost profit margins