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Thomas Roithmeier, CEO & Co-Founder, INSITE IT GmbH
Thomas Roithmeier, CEO & Co-Founder, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>INSITE IT GmbH</a>

Thomas Roithmeier, CEO & Co-Founder, INSITE IT GmbH

Many industrial construction sites struggle with the lack of organized logistics, materials and tools management. Non digitalized processes and lots of paperwork open doors for errors and inconsistencies. Construction sites using Insite LMS for their workflows benefit from a paperless workflow and ad hoc information about all site activities.

Insite LMS supports material and site management tasks for industrial construction sites, infrastructure and intralogistics projects throughout the whole supply chain. All material can be tracked from manufacturing to transport logistics and from site logistics until final construction on site. Insite LMS software and app know exactly the hard facts of all material – its quantity, its quality, its usability and its utilization.

Value to the organization

Organizations benefit from a consistent workflow, when all processes are covered by one software and corresponding apps. No worker or site manager is in need to create own procedures anymore. They are guided through set processes and equipped with the right mobile tools like mobile phones and tablets to use apps onsite - fully offline. Time is not wasted in searching materials or digging in paperwork anymore. With smooth workflows people can finally concentrate again on doing their work.

Value to the user

Each user profits from a perfect use-case and a highly efficient workflow. Insite LMS ensures a smooth integration in the project environment. The software and app are intuitive and easy to use. Searching and standing times are reduced to a minimum, due to an intelligent system. This gives project and site managers the power to work with all project information available in one tool.

Suitable for various branches

As the backbone of a construction site, Insite LMS is especially developed for industrial construction sites like power plants, steel plants, infrastructure projects, intralogistics projects, cellulose plants or other construction sites with high material demand and complexity. The software and app facilitate communication between the multiple stakeholders involved and offers comprehensive consultancy to optimize the customers construction projects, save costs and find a professional solution for processes that are often heavily paper, or Excel based.

Modules for individual usage

Each project is individual – so is Insite LMS. All Insite LMS modules can be chosen separately, depending on the projects need. This is how the tool is precisely tailored to the project and supports its workers the best way. Each module – e.g. Manufacturing, Logistics, Container Handling, Site Logistics, Deviation Management or Installation Tracking – contains one processing area. Other modules like Daily Log, Project HR, Accounting or Time Tracking deliver additional project site data to the project managers.

Site Logistics – no big challenge

Once the arrival date of the material is known it´s the site logistic managers turn. Insite LMS informs about the material arrival and onsite it´s documented with the Insite LMS App: Receiving deliveries, change storage locations, inspect and count the material and hand over the material to construction. QR code scans are again perfect for easily identifying the material. Pictures, notes, deviations and other documentation can be added in the app anytime.

Know what´s going on onsite

The dashboard gives a great overview about the material planned, onsite or already installed, but it often does not show the whole story. Soft facts are important for managers too. In daily logs everything happening on a construction site is reported. Add weather conditions and temperature as well as a summary of all activities. Collect all jobsite activities as they occur and mark delays right away. That way, supervisors or project managers, who receive a daily report, are aware of everything which happens onsite and can react promptly.

The value of optimization

Insite LMS gives each individual user an advantage. Be it through less writing effort, less search times, faster reporting or many others. This is probably the most important step and the basis for further measures such as management dashboards, KPI reports and big data evaluations.

Products outlook

The last big release early 2021 was Insite LMS 7.1. This major release contained lots of new modules, changes within the existing modules and a backend merge from Insite LMS desktop and app. Furthermore two new modules found their way in Insite LMS: Task and Tool Management module. Some new features like support for videos, edit files within Insite LMS or a shopping cart experience while processing materials make the tool even more user friendly.

Have a look at the website and learn more about the possibilities how you can improve your construction site!  

INSITE IT is specialized in material management, deviation management, site logistics and installation tracking on industrial construction projects. The advantage is to track all materials needed on a construction site to help avoiding standing times. The Austrian based company provides Apps (Android, iOS, Windows) for mobile phones and a Windows tablet app to track all material onsite. The software Insite LMS collects all data into a single database – and synchronizes the data when one of the devices was used offline. Established in 2012, INSITE IT is one of the industry’s leading providers of software solutions for material tracking and construction site management predominantly targeted at large construction sites. 

Used on Construction Sites of all Branches

• Energy

• Steel

• Hydropower

• Infrastructure

• Cellulose

• Intralogistics

• ...and many more! 

Insite LMS is much more than just site logistics. Lots of effective modules display the whole project digitally. Picture: © INSITE IT

The new Tools Management module informs about all tools used at various construction sites, their availability, usage and condition. Picture: © INSITE IT

With the new released Task Module users can easily assign tasks and see their status in Insite LMS. Picture: © INSITE IT