FOUNDATION Software: Constructive Accounting For Real Time Project Insights

Fred Ode, Founder & CEO
“When better is possible, good is not enough." These words define Foundation Software. Right from its beginning in 1985, FOUNDATION Software has focused on just one product, job cost construction accounting. For Windows application, FOUNDATION provides clients, construction functionality, instant construction reporting and tools like job cost accounting, project management, scheduling, service dispatch, and executive dashboard for project completion. With on-premise and cloud deployment options, all contractors benefit from the construction accounting software.

Accounting software QuickBooks and Peachtree, often do not equip contractors with complete functionality. Technologically advanced FOUNDATION for Windows, which is specifically designed for the construction industry offers functionality and Microsoft SQL database technology that will leverage the business.
The system provides features such as integrated job costing, automatic certified payroll reporting and powerful over or under billing reports. The product enables powerful accounting functions such as complete date-sensitivity, a secure audit trail and customizable reporting.

Selecting an accounting program that is technically solid is critical for system longevity. Microsoft SQL Server, the database for FOUNDATION data storage, offers seamless integration ith other Microsoft products enabling data to be linked to Excel, Word, Access and more. It provides users with maximum data management, security and reporting power.

At FOUNDATION, the research and development team work in tandem with sales to continuously keep pace with the current trends relevant to the construction industry. This packs in lot of power in FOUNDATION’s easy use package assisting construction companies to improve business.


Strongsville, OH

Fred Ode, Founder & CEO

Provides construction accounting software for contractors