Applied Software: How to Take Field Operations to the Cloud and Back

Richard Burroughs, President
The construction industry is transforming as companies replace old, legacy systems with advanced field applications, accessed through the cloud and via smart devices—allowing general contractors and their sub-contractors to communicate effortlessly and in real time. However, organizations are challenged to find the right field solutions that enable reliable, real-time connectivity with existing enterprise-based applications and processes.

Applied Software, a leading technology systems integrator serving the architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing industries, is one company developing cloud-based solutions to help find a balance between the field and the enterprise.

“These applications, especially when integrated with existing back-office solutions, improve constructability and accelerate the project delivery process,” said Richard Burroughs, President of Applied Software. “The integration of field-based, on-site, real-time project collaboration tools leverages the entire project staff’s collective skill and knowledge.”

The company collaborates closely with Autodesk. With more than three decades of industry experience, Applied Software provides construction companies with best practices in leveraging 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) project design data. Through its understanding of owners’ operational and facility-management requirements, the company also helps contractors extend their range of services after project completion. Being an Autodesk Platinum Partner and an Autodesk Advisor also allows Applied Software to engage Autodesk directly with clients. Autodesk is a leading provider of robust cloud-based technologies such as A360, a product that helps project teams work together efficiently on a centralized platform. Through this, users can view, search, and share data using desktop and mobile devices.

The key Autodesk cloud-based technology family is BIM 360. BIM 360 is composed of several components, with BIM 360 Field and BIM 360 Glue being the cornerstones. BIM 360 Glue is a management tool that enables all constituents to collaborate in real-time throughout the project lifecycle. It provides the ability to access data or model offline through smart devices and then connect with the project team for streamlined workflows. Applied Software’s industry expertise comes from the collective background and knowledge of its professional staff as well as working with thousands of clients.
This has allowed Applied Software to confidently develop innovative construction products, including its own proprietary connectivity solutions.

An example is 360 Sync with Viewpoint, a newly introduced solution that automatically transfers uploaded documents from Viewpoint, a project-management software that enables clients to monitor and track all document changes, cost information and Request for Information (RFI) data, to the library of BIM 360 Field, a cloud-based field management service combining a mobile application at the point of construction with collaboration and reporting. This product eliminates redundancies by syncing and storing documents via one platform. Project managers using 360 Sync with Viewpoint gain the necessary assurance that the latest versions of documents are available to all collaborative partners at the same time, eliminating the potential for errors and miscommunication.

“We want our clients to stay ahead of their competition,” said Burroughs. “This is why we team with clients to create innovative and integrated field solutions to address specific challenges. We want to deliver solutions that allow them to be more competitive during the bid and selection process and more productive and efficient during the delivery phase.”

Expanding into the cloud allows specific ways to address the ongoing challenges that program managers, architects and engineers face in construction projects—from improving workflows to eliminating miscommunication and document inconsistencies

“Expanding into the cloud allows us to offer very specific ways to address the ongoing challenges that program managers, architects and engineers face in key areas of construction projects―from how to improve workflows to eliminating miscommunication and document inconsistencies,” continued Burroughs. “Our cloud-based solutions are designed to promote collaboration in a safe and secure environment, but also to drive productivity and efficiency that will ultimately lead to the completion of projects―on-time and on-budget.

Applied Software

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Richard Burroughs, President

A leading technology systems integrator serving the architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing industries.