B2W Software: A New Paradigm for Construction Companies

Paul J. McKeon, CEO
From cloud computing to geo-fencing applications, the face of construction companies is rapidly changing, both with how they do their work and who is doing it. However, companies now often fall behind on implementing cutting-edge technical solutions, resulting in productivity loss, disruption and inefficiency analysis. B2W Software, headquartered in Portsmouth, NH, provides enterprise class construction software technology, services and solutions in order to redefine the future for streamlined operations. “We make it a point to keep an innovative outlook and embrace latest technology to empower contractors for achieving premier business operations,” says Paul J. McKeon, CEO of B2W Software.

The company offers well equipped operational tools for approximation, bidding, field tracking, and infrastructure maintenance based on a unified platform called ONE (Operational Networked Elements). With ONE, B2W Software drives their four elements Estimate, Dispatch, Track, and Maintain in one unified database that keeps organization on the same page in real-time.

B2W Estimate administers organization’s entire estimating and bidding process. “We instill unique features such as speed, accuracy, and scalability in our platform that lets organizations work on manifold estimates simultaneously, or with many other estimators in the same bid,” says McKeon. B2W Dispatch enables organizations to supervise the right work-related resources in real-time by eliminating incompetency and downtime. “Through our product, organizations can observe, enter, and track assignments to keep themselves up to date about employees, equipment, materials, and deliveries,” he adds. Additionally, B2W Track and B2W Maintain platforms allow enterprises to evaluate original bid numbers to real job costs and supply equipment maintenance details throughout operation. “Our entire product suite advantageously locates everyone in the office from managers to foremen in the field on the same page at the same time,” explains Mckeon.

Furthermore, the company has worked tenaciously to develop their product assistance with the latest cloud and mobile tablet technologies. B2W Mobile App provides field engineers immediate access to the information from any tablet device to make smarter and beneficial decisions.

We make it a point to keep an innovative outlook and embrace latest technology to empower contractors for achieving premier business operations

Subsequently, B2W’s cloud offering installs the company’s solutions into cloud without any complexities of buying, configuring, and managing server or updating software. “Companies do not have to worry about upgrading or maintaining server hardware, Microsoft licensing or data backup as our cloud solution infrastructures automatically manages them,” assures McKeon.

B2W has been empowering organizations to overcome their business challenges and achieve desired goals. In one such instance, Fowler Construction, a provider of wide variety of heavy construction and residential services approached B2W as they needed to stay up to date with the modern technology that included all features of the business.

Fowler Construction installed B2W’s cutting-edge solutions for standardizing, estimating, bidding, field tracking, and dispatching projects. In addition to that, B2W Estimate replaced the organization’s existing spreadsheet based system that made it complex to generate and control crews. “Our solutions helped Fowler Construction to save time and reduced errors by eliminating redundant data entry through features like reusable task templates that made it easy to estimate,” says McKeon.

The company now spends significant amount of time guiding the sales organization on a comprehensive solution-based selling model. In the upcoming years, B2W will continue to expand its operational suite to address the complete operational scope of organizations. “Building on our continued success in North America, we also plan to broaden our initiatives to craft a bigger global existence,” concludes McKeon.

B2W Software

Portsmouth, NH

Paul J. McKeon, CEO

Provides enterprise-level construction management solutions for the heavy construction industry.