Bentley Systems: Comprehensive Project Delivery: The New Construction Imperative

Harry Vitelli, SVP, Construction and Field, Business Unit Management
According to Harry Vitelli, SVP, Construction and Field, Business Unit Management, for Exton, PA based Bentley Systems, provider of software for advancing the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure, changing business drivers are having a major impact on the technology landscape that his company helps shape. Said Vitelli, “Alternatives to traditional forms of project delivery, such as design-build and integrated project delivery, are gaining in popularity, offering greater efficiencies and shared risk/reward benefits. At the same time, owners are getting back into the construction business—not as construction managers but as sponsors for their CAPEX investments. That calls for unlimited visibility into the project. Both trends demand enhanced information mobility across the infrastructure lifecycle.”

He continued, “We typically deal with three construction industry segments industrial, commercial, and infrastructure. The three share the need for a common data environment for comprehensive project delivery, facilitating information mobility and unified workflows across the project ecosystem. Obviously, cloud technologies are a driving force here. Using technologies like Microsoft Azure, we can enable contractors to share data in a secure, reliable managed service without boundaries and the hassle of hosting servers.”

Bentley’s newly introduced CONNECT Edition products are natively enabled with “always-on” cloud services. These allow construction management teams to create a common data and project performance environment to integrate isolated project data, connect distributed project teams, and plan for skilled resources. Said Vitelli, “We built the CONNECT Edition as a hybrid project environment to provide cloud services to pre-existing technology such as on-premise servers, desktop applications, and mobile devices.”

Bentley solutions encompass MicroStation applications for information modeling, ProjectWise collaboration services to deliver integrated projects, and AssetWise operations services to achieve intelligent infrastructure complemented by worldwide professional services and managed services. Said Vitelli, “We have one of the most comprehensive product portfolios for project delivery and asset performance management in the industry.
What owners and contractors particularly like about our offerings is that they provide not only intra-operability among themselves, but also interoperability with the products of other vendors. This empowers information mobility from design through construction and into operations further facilitated by our ProjectWise software and services.

“ProjectWise is our project delivery brand. It’s used to speed the sharing and exchange of project documents, provide traceability of decisions made, shorten approval cycles, and resolve issues quickly. Over the past year we have expanded the ProjectWise footprint from design collaboration to deliverables management (e.g., submittals, transmittals, etc.), office/site/field workflows using our mobile apps and Navigator platform, and construction execution with our Construction Work Package Server. We also added ProjectWise Essentials, an instant-on design integration environment.”

When asked about recent investments in innovation that Bentley has made, Vitelli said, “Automating the construction workflow is a key focus for us. In many cases we are investing in areas that enable us to take advantage of the ‘consumerization’ of technology for industrial use. Examples include:

• Field data capture via advancements in digital imaging using UAVs, such as through our new Acute3D software for reality modeling; Acute3D uses digital photos taken with any camera to contextually align design and construction modeling environments;

• Construction modeling—via ConstructSim for workface planning and ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server, which make it possible to overlay the design modeling with construction sequencing, craft assignments, and materials procurement status;

• Mobile device usage—via new apps for inspections, issue resolution, and more;

• Big data analytics—via data processing engines accessible through cloud services.”

In concluding, Vitelli said, “Everything we do at Bentley is based on the recognition that measurable benefit of technology comes from one thing, successful user adoption. That’s why we focus on enabling our users to automate an engineering business process that will substantially improve their project delivery capabilities and ROIs.”

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Harry Vitelli, SVP, Construction and Field, Business Unit Management

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