DXI Solutions: Revolutionizing the Construction through Innovative Solutions

Dr. Jianfei Xu, CEO and CTO
In the construction landscape, relevant and up-to-date field data regarding labor force, equipments, and materials play a vital role. But often, the CIOs are burdened with inaccurate and delayed information which impedes progress and affects project outcomes. Headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, DXI Solutions is addressing the problem by providing business analytics solution that captures accurate information and reports it back to the right people in a single interactive display. The company specializes in providing advanced research and practical industry specific solution for the most demanding, information-intensive projects in the industrial construction landscape by using configurable reports and dashboards.

DXI builds its products with dashboarding capabilities that have the potential to capture the construction Project Management Institute (PMI) reporting needs. “Dashboard reporting provides an overview of the project’s status and helps gain control over project objectives, priorities, and milestones,” says Dr. Jianfei Xu, CEO and CTO, DXI Solutions. “We provide project managers with immediate visibility into KPIs to ensure all projects are trending in the right direction.” Subsequently, the company’s product iSite plays a towering role in reconciling invoices from contractors. “With iSite, contractor’s daily costs are entered and validated within the product and goes through an approval flow from both the contractor and the owner,” adds Xu. Once the contractor costs are ap¬proved, the owner can create a payment certificate and thereafter pay the contractor accurately and swiftly. This completely eliminates the invoice reconciliation process, which can sometimes take weeks if not months to resolve.

Moreover, “vast amount of field data information is still being captured using Excel spreadsheets or manual processes which create further complexity,” remarks Xu. DXI‘s remediates this through their Field Data Capture program. The application enables real-time tracking of labor, equipment, and contractor information—serving as a direct link between remote job sites and the head office. By deploying a small program on a project manager or administrator’s device that collects various data electronically and makes it instantly visible to the head office, Field Data Capture eliminates the need to send paper time sheets for approvals and saves time.
“But don’t worry if there is no internet connection in the field, there is a complete offline capability,” states Xu. This allows users to continue entering information which is automatically synchronized to the server upon regaining network connectivity and made available to head office. Besides, the company’s solutions are built on a patented platform, Uni-Engine, which enables them to provide custom solutions, and high level of configurability to meet the unique customer requirements.

Spread across multiple continents, DXI brings the experience of technology, industry, and academia together to provide solutions to customers

There are many use cases worth highlighting that shows DXI’s prowess. In one instance, SMA Consulting, a leading management consulting firm, approached DXI as they were struggling to ensure safety and incident tracking. DXI designed a solution that brought critical incident information to the forefront to enable accurate reporting and streamlined the decision-making process. This enabled SMA Consulting to gain a real-time snapshot of a specific project’s performance on key safety metrics.

“Spread across multiple continents, DXI brings the experience of technology, industry, and academia together to provide solutions to customers,” says Xu. For the road ahead, the company is planning on releasing a new version of the Uni-Engine to deliver a more robust user experience. Furthermore, the company aims to create a complete paperless environment with the help of mobile applications and be the catalyst for change in streamlining the construction process on all technological platforms.

DXI Solutions

Edmonton, Canada

Dr. Jianfei Xu, CEO and CTO

Provides project-based construction management software solutions for the industrial construction sector.