InEight: Robust Project Management Solutions with Consolidated Reporting

Bill Ponseti, President and CEO
After the downward revenue surge in 2011, the U.S. construction industry is on a sustained recovery path. Research firms are expecting a balanced growth outcome as the construction and housing sector is projected to rise by 9 percent this year—a larger gain than the 5 percent increase in 2014. Enterprises in the construction landscape can benefit from the upward trend by equipping themselves with the right technological and material resources. Enter InEight, an Arizona based technology solutions provider that offers integrated and scalable solutions by combining the functionality, technology, and flexibility that project-driven companies demand. “InEight’s connected solution suite helps companies design, estimate, control, and connect all aspects of their capital and maintenance projects—from the back office to the jobsite—across the project lifecycle,” explains Bill Ponseti, President and CEO, InEight.

InEight’s construction automation offerings include an SAP based solution CREW, while the HD Field Solution is a proactive task scheduler that delivers project execution alignment and visibility to enterprises. CREW is built using the SAP Business suite, optimized with industry best practices to improve key functions such as project procurement, subcontract management, project forecasting, and change management. The HD Field Solution delivers project execution alignment and visibility by connecting jobsite labor and equipment status to the InEight HD suite via a modern tablet interface. “Case studies of companies that use HD Field Solution show a savings of 10 minutes per timesheet over manual paper processes,” comments Ponseti.

Addressing the requisite to simplify complex construction designs that rely on inputs from a range of design tools, InEight built the InfinyD platform. InfinyD consolidates proprietary Building Information Models (BIM) into an open, Issued for Construction (IFC) based system. “Across the project lifecycle, the InfinyD model can be enriched with data from cost, schedule, and other project systems, while key processes, such as procurement, are optimized for time and cost savings,” articulates Ponseti.
In order to induce visibility and insight into projects, InEight developed reporting solutions that allow mangers to quickly gather data from multiple project-based systems. The data can be used to generate reports and dashboards that managers need to identify issues and make more informed decisions.

InEight provides the intuitive foundation and visual information that construction companies need in order to keep teams aligned from start to finish

Ineight’s solutions have been successfully deployed across industries like engineering construction and operation, mining, oil and gas, and utilities. The appealing case of Aiken Group, a leading supplier of specialist engineering solutions, demonstrates the effectiveness of InEight’s project-driven solutions. The Aiken Group was spending significant capital on developing internal project management methods that failed to deliver strategic functionality. They were looking to increase the quality of estimation, project tracking, and customer reporting. After deploying InEight’s HD solutions, Aiken Group have significantly reduced time and labor needed to enter timesheet and man-hour productivity information. Migrating from legacy excel sheet to the HD Field system allowed Aiken Group’s team to triple the amount of work they can bid, effectively increasing bidding accuracy and improving per-project gross margins. Eventually, Aiken has seen more than a 300 percent increase in total productivity and a 40 percent increase in revenue.

Moving on, InEight recently opened its headquarters office in Scottsdale, and they continue to innovate in the end-to-end construction software solutions. “In today’s market, project-driven companies are challenged to meet tighter schedules and budgets on increasingly complex projects. InEight provides the intuitive foundation and visual information they need to keep teams aligned from start to finish,” concludes Ponseti.


Scottsdale, AZ

Bill Ponseti, President and CEO

Provides integrated scalable solutions by combining the functionality, technology, and flexibility that project-driven companies demand.