Newforma: Delivering Seamless Project Information for Enhanced Collaboration

Dan Conery, VP-Business Development
Globalization is promoting a massive demographic shift from rural to urban areas. This is adding to the already overgrown populations of the cities, leading to a rise in demand for buildings, and in turn, a boom in the construction industry. “By 2050, the world will need twice the number of buildings that it has now in order to house the growing population,” begins Dan Conery, VP, Business Development, Newforma. This rapid growth will require new technologies to make the construction industry more efficient and effective.

“However, we see that organizations spend a lot of time looking for useful information, which is ultimately of no use,” illustrates Conery. Newforma provides a platform to free the organizations from mundane tasks like managing emails, transferring files, and trying to get approvals on documentation, so that they can focus on more important work. The company helps teams easily access and handle their project information. Newforma’s technology is making it easier for the construction industry to direct information in a way that is suited to their workflows.

Newforma’s software is an integrated and comprehensive solution to supervise the project information, be it from the office or the cloud. Newforma Project Cloud web-hosted construction collaboration software integrates information from design, construction, and owner’s teams, and automates workflows related to document approval, PDF markup, and general communication. When two business organizations disagree on contracts, the old information can be retrieved easily with Newforma’s solutions. These products greatly help in solving problems like pricing disagreements.

Whether it is reviewing and approving a submittal, providing an answer to a request for information, or managing contract changes, Newforma Project Management streamlines workflows, provides an audit trail, improves responsiveness, increases accountability, and enhances project delivery. Newforma Contract Management is an add-on module to Newforma Project Center that provides a comprehensive solution for managing document and contract changes during the construction process. It is adaptable to any of the primary project delivery methods, including traditional design-bid-build, fast track, and integrated methods.
Also, the company provides mobile apps and web-based collaboration software to empower individuals, strengthen construction teams, and optimize their performance. This allows the team members to access and manage project information using smartphones and tablets. Further, the apps synchronize wirelessly with the Newforma software used at the desk. This ensures that information on mobile devices is the same information that people access from their desks, whether in the office or in a job trailer on site.

Numerous customers have testified that Newforma’s solutions are a necessity for them. For instance, one of their client’s existing workflow was paper-intensive and required extensive labor. The process required physical receipt of the hard copy submittal, creation of 8 copies, manual stamping, logging submittal into project management software, and printing the transmittal and distributing it via UPS. This procedure was slow and time consuming. The Newforma Project Management solution helped the client process electronically, while allowing for physical submittals as well. The processing time for filing, reviewing, stamping, and logging dropped to 1–2 minutes.

We focus on the changes in technology, while providing new solutions to customers that will transform building and infrastructure project delivery

Conery is enthusiastic about the benefits of technology. “Technology has brought great changes to our industry,” he says. To keep up with evolving technologies, methods of collaboration, and project information needs, Newforma offers new products for the cloud and mobile devices. Today’s construction professionals can access project information on site using a smartphone; a trip back to the office is no longer necessary to retrieve the latest set of drawings. “We focus on the changes in technology, while providing new solutions to customers that will transform building and infrastructure project delivery,” concludes Conery.


Manchester, New Hampshire

Dan Conery, VP-Business Development

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