Penta Technologies: Going beyond Traditional Construction Engineering

Construction industry is gradually adopting the virtues of modern construction management software and document management capacities. Yet many, companies are lagging behind in adopting these solutions owing to budgetary constraints. Gearing up to support the necessities of the construction industry, Penta Technologies has exhibited competencies in achieving cost-effective solutions. By incorporating best of industry’s content management, business process management, and enterprise-wide document practices, the company has gone beyond traditional ERP software. Penta’s solutions leverage pliable analysis of key business metrics, in turn helping contractors in day-to-day decision execution. “With our management information systems and services, we ensure that engineering and construction firms’ best practices are leveraged consistently across their organizations,” says Karl Koenig, President and CEO, Penta Technologies.

Penta’s portfolio of solutions empowers contractors in different aspects of construction and engineering. With more than a decade’s industry presence, the solutions offered by Penta unify some of the major constructional functionalities. The complete suite of Penta construction management majorly focuses on accounting, financial management, payroll, and projects. The user-friendly solutions forecast the chief business issues and provide a combative measure. Among one of its key solutions is Mobile construction software which helps secure the imperative business information electronically, pertaining to labor mobilization and inter-company accounts. “We offer next generation enterprise mobility solution that provides users with access to existing business-critical applications,” notes Koenig.

Aiding the highly dispersed work-field with its solutions, Penta solutions successfully drives business enhancement. To meet the financial adversities, the Construction Accounting Software of Penta integrates all the financial and constructional necessities. The software streamlines the financial processes and evaluates performance across organizational structures. “Construction Accounting Software helps contractors and engineers manage construction financials, improve cash flow, and monitor trends,” affirms Koenig.

Apart from inculcating data transparency in the information management services and systems with its solutions, the company is eradicating information silos and composing full-service implementation strategies.Additionally, the managed services program allows the clients control server support system,
and computing infrastructure in adherence with the organization’s core business objectives.

With services ranging from system tracking to cloud hosting, Penta’s team has performed many purposeful software implementations that have helped clients meet deadlines. “We’re eager to share our practical expertise gained from providing corporate, financial, and project management solutions to engineering and construction firms,” asserts Koenig.

We offer next generation enterprise mobility solution that provides users with access to existing business-critical applicationsTECH

Some of the major industries catered by Penta include oil and gas contractors, industrial contractors, field service, and engineering firms. The firm’s engineering and construction solutions and services has enabled its diverse client base with reduced project risk, increased resource utilization, and enhanced profit margins. To suit the needs of the contractors to manage their payroll along with the day-to-day work, Penta offers specialized software that conveniently executes business operations.

Penta with its offerings helped Murphy Company, which is a full-service mechanical contractor. The client required a software infrastructure devised for managing the construction services as well as content management. Penta’s innovative accounting and enterprise management software equipped the client to streamline its repertoire of data in alignment with time and materials.

The company’s evolving solutions for simplifying the construction projects has enabled them to acquire an adept grasp in the arena of field service and construction. “We hold an objective of empowering contractors with broad functional scope, industry-specific features that can reduce project risk, increase margins, and maximize resource utilization,” concludes Koenig.

Penta Technologies

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Karl Koenig, President and CEO

Provides enterprise software that helps construction, service, and engineering enterprises improve business performance.

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