Procore Technologies: Transforming Construction by Mobilizing Project Communications

Tooey Courtemanche, Founder and CEO
With the speedy advancement of technology, the construction industry is witnessing a significant shift from the age-old, hefty techniques to cutting-edge cloud platforms to bring in efficiency in managing construction projects and scale up outputs. With each passing day, up-to-date field data pertaining to the labor force, equipments, and materials are becoming indispensable. Having realized the importance of communication and management in construction landscape, Procore Technologies provides cloud-based construction software to help firms increase project efficiency and accountability by streamlining and mobilizing project communications and documentation. “Our goal is to help construction professionals enhance their project success by simplifying project management with powerful and collaborative software,” says Tooey Courtemanche, Founder and CEO, Procore.

The company’s flagship product, Procore is a project management software which provides organizations with 24/7 visibility of a project’s status and health. “Procore enables organizations to diagnose problems in real-time and collaborate with organizations for resolving issues quickly to increase project team efficiency and project margins by reducing time and rework,” explains Courtemanche. The comprehensive software eliminates potential delays and reworks by providing project information within one central location. “Every time a contract adjustment is made, a commitment is entered or a change order is submitted. Procore tracks and archives change history across all versions,” adds Courtemanche.

CurrentSet, another offering by Procore is a drawing management app that organizes construction drawings into one master set to automatically number every individual sheet. “CurrentSet's automatic version tracking prioritizes the most recent drawing set to ensure project teams can review and mark up drawings with annotations or text comments,” points out Courtemanche.In addition to Procore and CurrentSet, the company also has a mobile app that provides real-time project data as and when the construction management team needs it. The app further help organizations to prioritize the latest drawing sets, record and view daily job site activities, weather, labor, and productivity.

Project teams can review and mark up drawings with annotations or text comments, approve changes, and distribute updated plan sets to their entire project team in a matter of minutes.
“Our commitment in improving collaborations with the customers individuates us from our competitors,” asserts Courtemanche. With more than a decade of experience in the construction industry, Procore has established a strong foothold thwarting competition by providing best-of-breed construction management software. Procore’s intuitive and easy-to-use design helps users understand the basic functionality of the application. “Simplicity coupled with powerful functionality makes Procore's daily interactions with users efficient and user-friendly across all Internet-connected devices,” he adds.

Procore helps construction professionals enhance their project success by simplifying project management with powerful collaborative software

For instance, HITT Contracting, a general contracting company, which runs over 2,500 projects a year within 12 different market sectors, was facing operational complications. HITT wanted to create a collaborative environment where all projects could be standardized, but flexible enough to work within the different market sectors and the various owners they deal with. HITT implemented Procore as they offered many easy-to-use features that automate project management tasks and create a central hub for real-time project information. On collaborating with Procore, HITT now has a standardized system in place and Procore's collaborative interface and customer service further enabled HITT to run more than 400 projects on Procore.

The company aims to accelerate Procore's exponential growth and solidify its position in cloud-based web and mobile construction software. "We know the construction market needs a better way to manage projects and we are determined to execute on our mission to deliver easy and powerful solutions to transform the construction landscape,” concludes Courtemanche.

Procore Technologies

Carpinteria, CA

Tooey Courtemanche, Founder and CEO

Provides cloud-based construction software to clients across the globe.