Requordit: A New Renaissance in the Construction Industry

Mark Buckley, President
The construction industry has gained momentum across the globe as markets recover. The construction industry has to organize its mission-critical data, paper work, architectural designs, and digital information—creating urgency in aligning business processes both internally and externally. “Many departments are deploying niche solutions to address business needs, creating silos of information within departments. CIOs are now supporting innumerable applications requiring unique resources to support the software, hardware and training for each one. This is compounded during acquisitions and joint ventures,” says Mark Buckley, President, Requordit. The great impediment for the construction industry is in identifying evolved Enterprise Content Management (ECM) that can offer integrated technology across departments. Bridging this gap is Requordit, a Chicago, IL-based firm, emphasizing on document and record management and business process automation. “Our Requordit Document Management Suite (powered by OnBase) and integration expertise give unprecedented process transparency with increased field operations efficiency and improved bottom line performance for construction firms,” confides Buckley.

The firm’s Requordit Document Management Suite is driven towards improving field operation efficiency and financial performance. “We do not replace the core systems that organizations use, but provide them an exceptional capability to collect and present information to people,” adds Buckley.

Requordit suite of ECM solutions integrates with Viewpoint, SAP, JD Edwards, and other construction Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. The suite can also adjacently function with project management software to ensure that all construction documents and drawings of a particular project are in one central repository. “We can leverage investments made into niche products and integrate with accounting systems to provide a single place to look for information without having to spend millions on moving to a new ERP solution,” says Buckley.Requordit’s solutions provide Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing, email integration, mobile,disconnected, and connected data collection, and GIS Map integration, in the construction space.

The documents stored in a central repository become part of its workflow solutions to enable organizations’ staff to perform their tasks from anywhere and any device.
The central repository being the hub of information and processes can trigger activities for other applications throughout the organization. For example, if someone fills in a time sheet and documents they had an injury that day, the company can initiate action for the risk management group. Additionally, Requordit solutions in ECM also give its users the unique benefit of empowering the construction companies to easily migrate any of the niche systems to a solution within Requordit built on a single platform.

A multitude of companies have gained from Requordit’s solutions. A firm specializing in the civil and heavy highway work approached Requordit to incorporate ECM. The Phase 1 of the project included the automation of capture, document management and workflow. This resulted in significantly decreased processing time, immediate visibility to liabilities, and enforcement of policies and procedures.

Our ReQuord Document Management Suite and integration expertise give unprecedented process transparency,increased field operations efficiency, and improved bottom line performance for construction firms

Requordit has expanded their operations to support deployments globally. The firm currently supports Canada, U.S., Europe and Latin America and has plans to forge ahead by exploring markets across Asia and India. “We have our sights set on becoming the highest quality construction ECM provider in the world. Visualization of data in dashboards, maps, and real-time information lead our innovation strategy at Requordit,” adds Buckley. Requordit will be leading the way in construction to a new level of access to documents and resources.


Chicago, IL

Mark Buckley, President

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