WorkflowMax: A Highly Intuitive Application for the Construction Industry

Victoria Crone, Managing Director
A number of construction firms are switching over to construction management software with document management capabilities at a rapid pace saving themselves thousands of dollars in the process. As construction managers choose online systems for Results Framework Documents (RFD), project updates, LEED forms, invoices, and contracts, smaller remodeling companies are making the switch as well.

The problem with using paper based systems coupled with poor job management practices for complex projects is the inaccurate recording of costs both time and labor.

Construction firms tend to lose receipts and project related information, and are unable to pass those costs on to their clients. “If you are not capturing all the costs, then you are losing money it’s that simple,” says Victoria Crone, Managing Director, Xero. WorkflowMax,a Xero owned product trusted by thousands of construction and architectural firms provides organizations a single platform to manage time and cost on every job big or small. “With WorkflowMax, quotes and invoices accurately reflect the actual cost of the job both in terms of time or a cost item,” adds Victoria.

WorkflowMax is an online construction management software for quotes, time sheets, project management, project costing, invoicing, and everything in between. The company’s seamless integration with Xero accounting software means all the invoices created in WorkflowMax sync into Xero. This provides a complete business solution for building & construction companies. “At the core of WorkflowMax is the ability for everyone in the team to manage time and cost against a job.

Once a job is entered into the system, it can be broken down into different tasks against which the team members can start tracking time,” explains Victoria.Each of these tasks can have costs associated with it and firms can see a running total of exactly what each stage of the job costs both in time and materials.“It enables an organization to see any potential cost overruns and reflects actual costs.
Clients can create an invoice directly from this information, while still retaining control to edit the amounts as desired before sending it off to the customers,” adds Victoria.

A unique function of WorkflowMax is that it’s very flexible. Every business can customize it according to their specific workflow. “One of the things our customers particularly like is the ability of WorkflowMax to fit in with various types of pricing and billing strategies: invoice based on time and costs, flat-rate, percentage, or quoted value,” asserts Victoria.

If you wanted a firsthand example of just how effective WorkflowMax can be for construction firms, just ask Jarrad Morgan, owner of SA Construct, an Australia-based construction firm. “I would write everything manually in spreadsheets and hoped I was making money. It was a really bad way to manage a business. WorkflowMax changed all that.” Morgan realized it was imperative to track cash flow on projects to ensure profitability. With the assistance of WorkflowMax's construction management platform, Morgan now perceives exact work location and turnover and pays more than 100 supplier invoices monthly through WorkflowMax, saving more than 20 hours a month on entering timesheets.

At its core, WorkflowMax allows construction firms to take a project from quote all through to invoice, while adding time and costs—all done online via the internet

For the coming years, WorkflowMax has exciting plans in terms of product development, and chief among them is releasing their iPhone app. “We are working toward maintaining our mission of managing any job, big or small, from quote to invoice, in one simple, easy-to-use system for the years to come,” concludes Victoria.


San Francisco, CA

Victoria Crone, Managing Director

WorkflowMax is an online, all-in-one construction management software designed with construction firms in mind. Use it for quotes, time sheets, job tracking, jobcosting, invoicing, and everything in between.