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Will McClave, President & CEO
Bringing innovation into the construction sphere since 1977, Info Tech, Inc. is redefining how to reach the pinnacles of e-Construction management. Info Tech “finds solutions to having a faster, more secure and precise accountability for projects of any size, even mega-projects,’’ says Will McClave, President, Info Tech. The company offers software solutions “tailored to maintain the construction project life cycle built on evolving technologies.’’ Info Tech leads the industry with tools like Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) offerings including the Appia® service, the Bid Express® service, and the Doc Express® service. All services rooted in construction management.

Info Tech believes developing relationships with a large number of infrastructure agencies, government agencies and companies initiating e-Construction, introducing these partners to Info Tech’s services and innovative processes are the keys to forging ahead. “Info Tech is the primary contractor for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) in AASHTO’s development of the major AASHTOWare ProjectTM software, working with AASHTO’s end users to develop other parts of their system,’’ says McClave. The challenge of tackling e-Construction without having to build a ton of feature functionality to meet all the needs of the contracting agency or customer has CIOs turning to Info Tech to ensure their projects are not put at risk. “We search for ways to connect with other vendors. How do we make existing systems more valuable? One way is by collaborating with other vendors rather than building competing solutions. It comes down to the ability of making data flow much easier, making data accessible and automating the flow of data. We’re building systems that are within the e-Construction definition both on the mobile and the cloud side of the technology spectrum.’’

Info Tech leverages services offered in the cloud space by Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Info Tech offers easy-to-use software running at remarkable speeds, staying ahead of the curve and at the forefront of technology innovation in e-Construction. Kick starting the construction life cycle with secure online bidding for construction projects is Info Tech’s main mission with Bid Express®, “withbid submission being one of the critical pieces to that,’’ emphasizes McClave.

It comes down to the ability of making data flow much easier, accessible and automated

Another one of Info Tech’s Software-as-a- Service offerings, Appia®, provides administration assistance, following the bidding process with highly detail-oriented reporting. “Essentially, gigabytes of data are summarized and accumulated on a daily basis and it makes sure the contract’s initial estimate stays on track until the end,’’ says McClave. Ensuring no crucial document gets lost from the beginning to the end of a project is Info Tech’s paperless contracting SaaS DocExpress®. McClave labels it an “electronic filing cabinet’’. Another one of Info Tech’s software solutions, Estimator™, makes sure clients can “account for their funds and the bids that they receive are in line with what they believe the costs should be,’’ as McClave puts it.

Working with other developers and even users is exemplified by FieldManager®. Info Tech co-owns FieldManager, a client-server construction management application, with the Michigan Department of Transportation. Info Tech is active in the emerging mobile market as well with tools like, Mobile Inspector®. Mobile Inspector applies the principles of managing construction project documentation to a mobile-based experience, serving as an extension to all Info Tech’s cloud-based and client-server offerings. Another mobile app Field Interviewer™,” works with AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor™ software, allowing field interviews to be conducted with all captured information managed within the app.’’

Building upon their success, Info Tech has set its sights on future expansion, highlighting growth in network service and software development through innovation while maintaining a realistic view of the future. “We want to build fast, learn fast, and if we should fail, fail fast. We will learn from our successes and even our mistakes,’’ McClave concludes. “The tech industry is innovating at an incredible pace and we will help to set that pace for the future.’’

Info Tech, Inc

Gainesville, FL

Will McClave, President & CEO

Info Tech is a software services company offering e-Construction solutions with a variety of innovative software tailored to maintain the life cycle of construction projects

Info Tech, Inc