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Dale Beard, CEO & Co-Founder
At the turn of the millennium, one of the major issues plaguing the construction arena was the inability to find the right construction materials on project sites. “There has been a gradual decline in worker productivity for many years due to increased project complexities and larger projects. When the projects become more complex, data requirements increase and the traditional manual-based entry systems become error-prone and a bottleneck for the project, resulting in an upsurge in construction costs and project durations,” expresses Dale Beard, CEO and Co-founder, Intelliwave Technologies. To help construction organizations be more productive, Intelliwave Technologies—provides automated materials tracking solutions that enhance worker productivity in a cost-effective manner for wider adoption across industrial, civil and buildings projects. The company’s SiteSense tracking products ensures that major construction projects are on track and on budget by centralizing material, equipment and worker data.

“We like to use the “crawl, walk, run” deployment strategy with our clients to give them quick wins,” asserts Beard. Firms can begin with the web-based solution and later add onto that identification and/or sensor-based tags. Many constructors still use spreadsheets or paper-based systems, which often lead to data duplication, entry errors and delayed entry. “Implementing our web-based software system—SiteSense, users can consolidate project data for materials and personnel,” says Beard. The next step is to enable users ‘identify’ the materials and personnel using barcode or RFID technologies, and finally automating their movement via RFID systems. With the knowledge of location information for large tools and equipment, supervisors spend less time on searching and dedicate more time on tools to get the installation work packages complete in a timely manner.

SiteSense tracks everything from plant tagged equipment, to piping to bulks and to civil construction materials, which makes it a flexible solution. At the same time, workforce can use SiteSense’s web software and mobile applications to check themselves onto a project site, manage certifications, and shift information.

Implementing our web-based software system—SiteSense users can centralize project data for materials and workforce

Like materials management, sensor technology can be added to workforce for higher levels of automation and site location tracking with the use of active RFID enabled badge tags. “In the event of a site emergency, checking in workers into muster areas takes only a few minutes by discovering real-time information of who’s onsite and either checking in via a mobile application or automating check-in via reading the RFID badge when in the muster zone,” explains Beard. “What’s great about SiteSense offerings is that a constructor can use the very basics to a fully automated system depending on their budget requirements,” extols Beard.

“At Intelliwave, we boost productivity and lower the contractor’s implementation cost by providing process improvement guidance with the technology solution.” says Beard. As cost of the solution is an important decision factor, the company lowers that cost by utilizing the technology already in use—smartphones and tablets— company owned or employee owned. Using mobile technologies, users receive information at their fingertips in a format that is user-friendly and helps to reduce training and support costs. Intelliwave also delivers solutions via cloud, which allows its users to quickly get up and running for any project, whether it is focused around materials management or personnel management.

At Intelliwave, one of its Core Values is to ‘Continuously Improve’. Intelliwave constantly experiments with the latest technologies to examine how they could be applied to improve SiteSense solution portfolio. “As a next step forward, we are launching a new external website this December to broaden our market focus into three areas—industrial, civil and buildings construction,” concludes Beard.

Intelliwave Technologies

Leduc, Alberta, Canada

Dale Beard, CEO & Co-Founder

Materials and workforce management tracking solutions for industrial, civil and buildings projects

Intelliwave Technologies