Wynne System: Digitizing Construction Equipment Management

John Bureau, General Manager
Companies in the construction business are feeling the pressure of projects that are over budget and taking longer than planned. Companies that are grappling with project delays, communication barriers and inefficient equipment management have started to shift their focus on technology as a way to mitigate these issues. The proliferation of spreadsheets and paper logs are no longer sufficient for tracking equipment and tools and allocating their use to projects. In the words of John Bureau, General Manager, Wynne Systems, “the adoption of technology to streamline the equipment process can help construction companies control one of their large expense areas– equipment management.”

Leading the technological revolution in the construction equipment management space, Wynne has developed software to support a streamlined equipment management process. The platform enhances the collaboration between job sites, equipment yards and procurement offices, and builds efficiency at every step of the process. “We have built a solution that manages order fulfillment, delivery, pickup, and invoicing of equipment all via a robust, paperless process,” adds Bureau. The systems tracks the real time movement of all equipment and provides visibility for all team members. Another key feature is the reporting module that connects field engineers and executives through embedded dashboards to foster seamless collaboration and drive operational excellence. “This not only allows cost savings, but also facilitates better management of time and resources,” adds Bureau.

Wynne provides a one-stop platform that integrates the critical elements of construction equipment management with the company’s corporate ERP, such as Oracle or SAP. “These solutions have bi-directional, real-time data integration systems, which give companies a 360 degree view of their projects, equipment procurement and tracking capabilities,” explains Bureau.

“Our software can be used to manage asset lifecycle, accounting, and financial reporting,” adds Bureau. Field engineers and stakeholders can login to the Job Site Portal through mobile devices, search and select their required product, and submit the requisition form to their procurement team. “The Job Site Portal offers clarity on an asset’s location, its history, and the transportation details required to make the fulfilment process smoother and faster,” adds Bureau.

These solutions have bi-directional, real-time data integration systems, which give companies a 360-degree view of their projects, equipment procurement and tracking capabilities

Because this information is shared across the organization, companies are able to optimize the utilization of assets, reducing costs significantly and minimizing the risk of budget overruns.

Wynne has worked in tandem with various construction companies to solve equipment management, procurement, and requisition challenges. A leading construction company in the UK approached Wynne when looking to supplement its corporate Oracle ERP back office system to track the procurement and management of rented equipment. This new application, named Supplier Connect, allowed the client to reduce the processing time for hires and overall administration of requisitions by up to 70 percent, and guarantee product selection was contained to vendors who offered favorable pricing.

Wynne then added Supplier Connect to its product portfolio. “The application ensures the procurement process is efficient and cost-effective,” delineates Bureau. The equipment request is made from the field, and alerts preferred vendors that there is a request for a quote. Vendors then submit an itemized bid, which the fulfilment team reviews and selects the vendor with the best rates.

“For the past twenty years, we’ve developed an equipment rental solution with robust functionality that runs the back office of the largest companies in the world. We intend to do the same with our construction management software, by expanding functionalities that allows our clients to focus on their core competencies. Looking ahead, Wynne will continue partnering with its customers to introduce new digital technologies to control costs and improve efficiencies,” concludes Bureau.

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John Bureau, General Manager

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