e-Builder: Trusted Insight into Project Performance

Ron Antevy, President & CEO
Private or public-sector capital project owners have all experienced the common cost overruns, delays, and deficiencies that can plague the projects with long-term impact on the overall health of an organization and its strategic initiatives. However, the good news is these impediments can now be addressed with an innovative and powerful Project Management Information System (PMIS) assisting facility owners to eliminate data silos for complete transparency and control of expenditures. With a vision to help facility owners of schools, hospitals, and government buildings streamline business processes and centralize project information, brothers Ron Antevy, a civil engineer and Jon Antevy, an architect, laid the cornerstone of e-Builder—a robust, cloud-based PMIS—e-Builder Enterprise.

Progress in construction moves at a snail’s pace. “The market we serve is still largely untapped, and our main competitor is still the “old way of doing business”— MS Project, Excel spreadsheets and homegrown databases,” says Antevy, president and CEO, e-Builder. Addressing the need for effective project management, e-Builder Enterprise brings in intelligent work flow and complete transparency to the business leaders and their teams with its comprehensive PMIS that manages all aspects of a program’s projects, from planning, design, procurement to construction and operations of the facility.

With more owners getting active in the planning, design, and construction process, it has created the need for specific tools and technology that serve their unique requirements. e-Builder has leveraged this trend to provide a collaborative, fully integrated approach to managing all projects from planning to occupancy, along with accountability controls and business intelligence reporting. The company’s PMIS has a Building Information Modeling (BIM) module that delivers a virtual representation of the facility an owner expects to get. By playing an active role in reviewing and contributing feedback in an easy to understand 3D context, it minimizes risk and costs of getting wrong results. Being an owner centric PMIS, e-Builder allows owners to have a visual to the performance of activities across the entire program, enabling them to quickly and easily make sound, informed and strategic decisions.
With e-Builder, stakeholders can also gain insightful program data and a clear look at program performance and forecasts of the final results, all in real-time. The software’s drag and drop features makes it easy to create dashboard reports and even combine tabular reports in a single window. Furthermore, to increase approvals, work-orders and changes “on the go,” e-Builder can be used directly on the job site for taking, storing, and sending images back to decision makers, or even update projects on-site, eliminating time-consuming data entry processes.

Owners and program management teams trust e-Builder for embracing 3X productivity improvement, 4 percent project cost savings and a commendable 30:1 cycle time reduction

With its clout in the latest technology and profound construction knowledge and experience, e-Builder has crept into prominence with its promise of a perfected technology designed from the ground up to manage all projects of a single program for an owner in one central location. “Renowned owners and program management teams in the construction industry trust e-Builder for embracing 3X productivity improvement, 4 percent project cost savings and a commendable 30:1 cycle time reduction,” says Antevy. The team's resolve is impressive: transform the construction industry and utilize the money saved in construction projects to improve society. In one instance, the company assisted Banner Health, a non-profit health system in identifying almost $100 million in savings, which it reallocated to fund new projects.

With over 100,000 users managing over $300 Billion in active construction projects, the company is poised to elevate capital construction performance with a focused approach toward delivering control and reducing expenditure for owners of capital programs. In days to come, e-Builder looks forward to expanding the platform functionality with new features and integrations.


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ron Antevy, President & CEO

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