GigaTrak: Tool Tracking Simplified

Bob Hagerman, Founder
Bob Hagerman, Founder of GigaTrak, has a keen interest and in-depth expertise in designing software solutions. After working on a software development project for a nuclear company in the early 90’s, Hagerman was en route to taking his passion for custom software solutions to the next level, through his company GigaTrak. Since its inception two decades ago, numerous clients from various industries have greatly benefitted from GigaTrak’s prowess in offering various off-the-shelf as well as custom software. Over 800 unique software systems stand testimony to the team’s deep understanding of unique software design for applications that customers cannot buy elsewhere.

Among GigaTrak’s extensive portfolio of software solutions is a tool tracking system that has predominantly caught the eye of various contractors from the construction industry. “Every tool tracking system is focused on monitoring the check-in and checkout of equipment; where we are breaking ground is that we make it as simple as possible and highly accessible for users,” points out Hagerman. The tools are tracked through a simple barcode-scanning system allowing clients to easily locate materials and use them when required, thereby reducing losses by holding employees and subcontractors accountable for the tools and equipment they use. Contractors using the system, in the long run, reap the benefit of less lost equipment, immediate availability of materials and less repurchasing of equipment. Contractors can even schedule maintenance, track repairs, calculate depreciation, keep a historical data-trail on usage and manage tools based on job sites or by a job type. GigaTrak also enables users to manage multiple facilities while keeping track of all the equipment being exchanged between various facilities.

Additionally, clients can set up catalogs that consist of the serial numbers of the available tools. This simplifies the process of adding new stock by referring to the catalog and entering new barcodes against the existing serial numbers to maintain uniformity.

We aim to lead the industry with our cost-effective solutions that the customers can easily adopt

Interestingly, Hagerman says their experience guides them to not overbuild the application to do more than the typical average user needs, which allows them to meet the requirements of a majority of users. He also believes this approach enables users to quickly adopt the system without any complexities and have it running within hours. The company’s broad capabilities also include both on-premise and cloud-based solutions that solve the various needs of customers, further endorsing its unique proposition.

Among the myriad of successful projects carried out by GigaTrak is a large MNC that was struggling with providing information in the field concerning the assembly of natural gas piping systems being shipped to northern Asia. The problem was that each component sent required a drawing and a 3D view of where the component should be used in the piping system. With a partner, GigaTrak helped the client barcode each of the components, and store information about each item while linking the piping diagrams and the 3D views. The field users can then scan the barcode of each component and find out where it fits in the piping system. GigaTrak provided the ability to track the material and created an immediate link between the barcoded items and the related diagrams, which the client was not able to do previously.

GigaTrak is set to roll out the next generation of its software solutions, including the tool tracking software with advanced features. Hagerman states, “We aim to lead the industry with cost-effective solutions that the customers can easily adopt.” The company will also vest its focus in adding cloud-based solutions and products to its portfolio.


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Bob Hagerman, Founder

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