INSITE IT: Transforming Industrial Construction Site Management

Thomas Roithmeier, Co-Founder & CEO
Unlike residential construction, an industrial construction business design is high in material complexity and demands expert training and advanced technologies. “As a technology expert, we provide software solutions for site logistics, material handling, and site organization, based on accessibility and efficiency as the key requisites of a successful construction site,” says Thomas Roithmeier, co-founder and CEO, INSITE IT.

Fueled by the vision to minimize search and documentation time, track deviations and enhance the quality of processing, the company proffers top-notch software solutions for material tracking and site management for large-scale construction plants worldwide. INSITE IT deftly steers the construction arena toward a “digital transformation” by implementing state-of-the-art technologies like GPS tracking, cloud solution, and location-independent synchronization, all accessible at the push of a button.

Insite LMS, their proprietary software, provides one solution that covers many vital constructions processes, starting from logistics until final construction. This helps to minimize manual paperwork, save time and increase quality while decreasing software complexity and training effort. “Our clients seek to integrate a single solution and data source into their environment, and don’t want to deal with so many different apps from various software vendors,” says Andreas Simader, CIO, INSITE IT.

Therefore, the tools house different modules with a strong focus on material and shortage management as well as logistics. A central feature integrated into the software is defect management. As materials arrive from a site, they are scanned to find out if there are any defects for which the software recommends viable solutions while also estimating upcoming costs and verifying the reasons for it. Once all the information is arranged, it is forwarded to the client in the form of a daily report. The software also monitors installations along with the time when they take place and records the statistics digitally.

With digitized logistics, INSITE IT clients can optimize their processes and receive data tailored to their area of work, so they can keep a track of the project status and easily create project reports for the management. Additional benefits that Insite LMS offers are installation and manufacturing tracking, site logs, construction time tracking, BIM and bill of material support.

INSITE IT deftly steers the construction arena toward a “digital transformation” by implementing state-of-the-art technologies

A major part of the software is the tablet-based mobile application for scanning barcodes, RFID tags, GPS positioning, and image documentation, thereby substantially reducing working hours and allowing traceability up to the last piece of manufacturing delivered. As INSITE IT caters to distant areas with limited connectivity, its mobile application is 100 percent offline allowing users to work anywhere, anytime. “The best part is that all the data gets automatically synchronized once the internet re-connects,” notes Roithmeier.

Unlike its competitors, INSITE IT extends its versatile solutions for any difficulty that might crop up during a project. As for customer support, INSITE IT organizes intensive workshops and guidance sessions in addition to rendering consultation services for its clients to improve their material processes.

Be it onsite or offsite, the firm ensures consistent, secure and reliable site management across various domains like hydropower, energy, steel, chemical, and infrastructure. In one instance, a gas pipelines manufacturer who was facing problems with tracking material shipment approached INSITE IT. After deploying Insite LMS for all its projects, the client received regular notifications regarding what is being dispatched on the site and who is responsible for it, via a tablet. This minimized all their paperwork and handovers, saving almost 90 percent of their time which they previously took for material processing.

As INSITE IT’s customer base continues to grow, the firm aspires to delve into new industries to gain fresh clients. To make this a reality, INSITE IT now focuses on crucial tasks that happen on sites and endeavors to augment their services by innovating new products.


Chicago, IL

Thomas Roithmeier, Co-Founder & CEO

Develops software solutions for material tracking and site management for large construction plants