SiteTraxx: Real-Time Jobsite Reality

A typical construction job site sees a flurry of activity on any given day; the successful completion of projects and delivery timelines rest on the ability to collect, verify, and analyze onsite activities accurately. Slow adoption of technology in the construction arena impacts the operational efficiency at the job site. This reluctance to adopt new technologies not only limits construction companies in gaining complete visibility into job site events but also places them at risk of inefficient resource utilization. Texas-based SiteTraxx offers an innovative hardware and software solution to revolutionize jobsite data analysis by providing a consistent, universal, and transparent view of job-site data through one integrated solution accessible on any device, anywhere. Using SiteTraxx, project stakeholders can track job site events, verify resource and labor statistics and, over time, analyze these datasets to streamline on-field processes and attain optimal management of resources.

“We strived to design a hardware and software solution that was robust, intuitive, and easy-to-use, and that offered data insights for every stakeholder in one platform,” states Jerry Moore, CEO, SiteTraxx. SiteTraxx offers simple, effective management of job site activities through its plug and play terminal kiosk. The kiosk, incorporating a camera, touch-screen and security relay, serves to capture entry and exit events and timestamps these activities. The terminal acts as the primary workforce data collection point as it receives input from on-site workers and transmits that input to a cloud-based software solution. The terminal menus are bilingual and provide jobsite options to record safety events and track rewards programs at the individual level.

SiteTraxx’s cloud based architecture allows construction firms to keep track of multiple job sites from one platform; role-based security ensures data visibility based on each company’s contractual relationships. After creating a contract in an organization’s account, users can assign specific roles to all pertinent stakeholders, facilitating a clear and transparent “single pane of glass” of current and past jobsite status and trends. SiteTraxx catalogs all events and information including material types, trade classifications, and more.

We strived to design a hardware and software solution that was robust, intuitive, and easy-to-use, and that offered data insights for every stakeholder in one platform

This automatic but passive categorization means construction companies’ data is enriched with no effort on their part, empowering rich dashboard and deep trend analysis across multiple jobsites.

SiteTraxx software is accessible on any device, anywhere, including your mobile phone. Configurable event notifications communicate via SMS text about the exact status of ongoing activities such as material delivery, safety events, and inspector arrival. “The device agnostic solution transcends the job trailer and empowers project management to get out in the field while staying connected to the performance metrics for all job sites,” states Chris Wolbrink, President, SiteTraxx.

In response to the challenges of this evolving industry, SiteTraxx is focused on incorporating advancements like facial and image recognition, artificial intelligence, and advanced data analytics to enhance the efficiency of its solutions. In the future, the company aims to move into markets such as manufacturing and energy where job site activity monitoring is a vital component. SiteTraxx is a paradigm-changing, integrated solution for job site data collection, verification, and analysis.


Dallas, TX

Jerry Moore, CEO

Provides hardware and software solutions for construction events and resource tracking, reporting, and analytics