20 Most Promising Construction Consulting Providers - 2014

The phrase “if only” is depriving construction CIOs of profits, often leaving them high and dry with impaired assets. Typical instances like “if only we’d known orienting the building a few degrees north would have drastically in-creased natural lighting,” or “if only we’d known about subcontractor’s underperforming assets before it went bust and blew our schedule,” vindicates this notion. Whether its incompetent work processes, scanty commercial interfaces, or breakdowns in supply chain, poor communication is the major hindrance to construction productivity. If CIOs and individual construction team personnel can’t access accurate, complete and timely information, then they can’t deliver the best result in the most productive manner.

In this complex landscape, mobile and cloud computing is the way ahead for construction CIOs. Delivering information to the workforce in the field via Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and the use of cloud is quickly replacing the manual, paper-based way of doing business. These technologies are helping CIOs make immense headways in simulating a heavy lift, rescheduling a task, issuing a new method statement or undertaking an annual service inspection.

The plethora of challenges and the abundance of solutions often make it difficult for construction CIOs to select the best. This is where construction consulting companies play the role of a propeller, freeing up the resources and helping CIOs to focus on their core functionalities.

In this edition of CIO Review, we bring to you “20 Most Promising Construction Tech Solution Providers” and “20 Most Promising Construction Consulting Providers 2014,” featuring the best vendors and consultants providing technologies and services related to construction. The companies listed here showcases extensive business knowledge and innovative strategies combined with talent base across locations.

A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, VCs, analysts and CIO Review editorial board has selected the top Construction Tech Solution and Consulting Providers from over thousand companies. The listing provide a look into how construction solutions work in the real world, so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available, which are right for you, and how they shape up against the competition.

Top Construction Companies


Providing business consulting, information technology, engineering and outsourcing solutions to help clients build their enterprise

A company that provides strategy, implementation and execution management services with a performance improvement focus for transportation, technology, energy/power, and construction sectors

Beacon Consulting Group

A company that provides a range of services to the architectural, financial, real estate, governmental, surety and insurance industries

A provider of BIM consulting services for the building industry that allows companies to streamline their processes and utilize the BIM model in all aspects of their business

Clare Computer Solutions

Clare Computer offers complete IT services and consulting for small and medium-sized businesses and IT network support

A management consulting and technology services company focused on providing support of enhanced work processes for large complex construction projects

A full-service organization that specializes in the application of project and program management software and related information technology

Eide Bailly Technology Consulting

Providing outsourced accounting solutions to clients in the U.S.

An IT consulting group that incorporates a unique problem-solving orientation with world-class customer service


Providing comprehensive construction consulting services to the customers

Info Advantage

Specializes in Information Technology consulting, which encompasses business solution development, software development, and platform support from IBM’s midrange to a growing number of Intel based solutions

A developer of automated technological web and mobile infrastructure construction management and internet bidding solutions.

A company that provides innovative business consulting services that focus on the strategic, tactical, and operational needs of its customers

Mainstay Technologies

Providing high-end, enterprise-level IT services to organizations that would normally not have access to those types of services

Outsource IT

Supporting a wide customer base in both the SMB and Enterprise markets, spreading across numerous industry segments, including healthcare, government contractors, software development, legal, and construction

Plante Moran

Providing clients with tax, audit, risk management, financial, technology, business consulting, and wealth management services

Saviant Consulting

A company that offers Bring-in Cloud consulting and implementation expertise through a team of highly qualified and Microsoft certified consultants

Value Consulting

A company that delivers professional services in the domains ranging from Business Processes consulting, information technology, executive search and human resource consulting

Yash Technologies

Providing innovative solutions, and distributed delivery models that empower customers to run their businesses efficiently, enhance and improve their operations and dynamically shift directions as their business needs change


Providing communications, connectivity and managed services to businesses–from small to enterprise–in various states across the U.S.