Top 20 Construction Tech Companies - 2019

The role of technology in the construction industry has not only changed drastically over the years but also gained more prominence. Technology is steadily driving the development of innovative and sophisticated architectural models that we see in the world today. Adopting emerging technological trends ranging from Building Information Modeling (BIM), Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), drones, automation, 3D printing, and AI to cutting-edge Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Supply Chain Management software, construction companies can boost operational efficiency and success rates while minimizing wastages, accidents, and errors.

Considering the significant technology transitions today, CIOReview has compiled a list of 20 most promising construction tech solution providers of 2019 that assist companies and leaders in harnessing the power of technology. In this list, we are glad to present Alabama-based Command Alkon that offers groundbreaking supply chain management solutions to eliminate the friction from inter-company processes in heavy construction works and enhance the productivity of its clients. Another featured company, ePROMIS, brings to the table an SaaS-based cloud ERP system to equip firms with real-time information aggregation, document management, business intelligence, and analytics while companies such as Intelliwave Technologies and Manufacton provide unprecedented visibility into the entire construction processes through automated materials tracking and site control, as well as modular construction respectively.

Also featured in the list are myComply that offers a turnkey digital platform to electronically store, manage, and verify training certifications on mobile devices, thereby paving the way for safer worksites. ShareMyToolbox brings in a simple and easy-to-use solution that allows superintendents to virtually track the availability of all their tools and request delivery in real-time. On similar lines, Florida-based TRIVA is a leading construction tech provider that helps companies manage their workforce safety using disposable, IoT-powered smart safety tags designed to monitor and send warnings upon detecting imminent risks passively.

With hi-tech technological acumen and numerous success stories up their sleeves, these vendors have consistently proven their expertise in developing robust and scalable solutions.

We present to you CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising Construction Tech Solution Providers - 2019.”

    Top Construction Tech Companies

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    A Birmingham, Alabama-based construction technology company, Command Alkon provides offerings that span the bulk material supply chain, from production and fulfillment to logistics and inbound material management. The company’s solutions are used to ensure operational excellence, automation, productivity, quality, and end-to-end visibility. In addition, company leverages GPS and Telematics (logistics and traceability), IIoT (at the plant, trucks, and worksites), data analytics, and its next-gen AWS-powered digital collaboration platform, CONNEX

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    ePROMIS Solutions is a dynamic software development company providingcomplete Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) solutions for small, midsize, andcorporate businesses. The company is fully focused on developing advancedbusiness management systems that can provide numerous advantages to bigand small businesses alike. ePROMIS' fully integrated ERP system covers thecore modules such as financial accounting, procurement, project costing,inventory management, purchase, sales, HR/payroll systems, assetmanagement, etc. ePROMIS software is designed to support the entire businessoperations and can be customized according specific to the area where thebusiness is conducted

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    INSITE IT has been a skilled associate for plant technicians since its foundation in 2012. The software company, based in Linz, Austria, and based in Chicago, USA, creates software alternatives for big building locations for material monitoring and building site management. For every manufacturing building site, efficiency is a top concern. INSITE IT are specialists in this sector, and consumers can depend on a uniform, embedded crop building method. Insite LMS software and applications promote global logistics, project logistics, material handling, error management, and advancement in building-even in the world's most distant fields

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    Intelliwave Technologies is offering automated materials tracking and site control solution – SiteSense®, which changes the game of the construction sector. Intelliwave Technologies’ SiteSense provides web and mobile-based software solutions for identification and tracking of construction materials, equipment and workforce for all sizes of industrial, civil and buildings projects. Intelliwave Technologies’ SiteSense digitizes the construction fieldwork for materials management whilesteering organizations away from traditional spreadsheets. The web and mobile-based solution helps organizations monitor their material and manpower, thereby reducing costs and increasing their worker’s productivity

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    The company assists architectural and construction firms to set up apartments and factories by shipping volumetric modular pieces of the building to the job-site and affixing them just like the Lego blocks. Complementing this innovative approach to construction, ManufactOn also helps its clients in planning, tracking, and optimizing their prefabricated and traditional material management. Through these services, ManufactOn focuses on offering greater visibility and insights throughout the entire process of construction. At the core of these competencies is ManufactOn’s SaaS-based (mobile/web) platform. Unlike other organizations that need to continuously follow up with their clients through phone calls, emails, and text messages, ManufactOn’s platform provides a dedicated channel to construction firms for real-time updates and opens up new routes of communication that facilitate a greater level of collaboration

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    Offers a free worker training platform for all contractors and other stakeholders to store employee training certifications for easy access and verification

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    Construction tech solution provider that offers cloud-based applications to help construction professionals manage risk and build quality projects—safely, on time, and within budget

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    ShareMyToolbox is a mobile-first application for anyone with tool management needs. Built on a peer-to-peer sharing platform, ShareMyToolbox connects employees to the company's tool catalog and improves access to valuable assets. It's simple, intuitive, and affordable. The application is device agnostic, flexible, and can be operated on multiple Android or Apple devices simultaneously. This cloud-based solution enables the company to view the detailed history as every transaction on acceptance, location, and assignment is continuously updated. Customers can access every tool in the apps catalog, locate any tool, check on its availability, and be more responsible for their tools

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    A software solution that helps construction teams better communicate and collaborate in order to monitor, track quantities, plan and manage jobsite

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    TRIVA Inc. is a construction solution provider that helps construction companies manage their workforce safety and streamline operations. The firm uses smart safety tags on the hard hats worn by construction workers to passively monitor and warn when risk is imminent. The dashboard’s simple user interface follows the ‘three-click rule,’ which implies that a user should be able to find any information on the platform with no more than three mouse clicks TRIVA’s field operations platform focuses on safety, attendance, inventory, and equipment, with in-house designed and manufactured technology that is inexpensive, disposable, and the size of a quarter

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    Atlas RFID Solutions

    Atlas RFID Solutions

    Atlas RFID Solutions LLC was established in 2007 to help bridge the differences between auto-ID technology capacities and efficiency-conscious companies' business requires. With over 300 deployments covering more than ten nations on six continents, they create and execute auto-ID-based schemes worldwide. The firm consists of three branches: Jovix, RFID Store at Atlas, and Custom Solutions. Jovix is an award-winning program designed explicitly for industrial construction, Material ReadinessTM. The Division of Atlas RFID Custom Solutions creates, integrates, and promotes tailored solutions for customers worldwide. And AtlasRFIDstore was founded in 2008 and is a trusted distributor in the hardware sector

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    For people who make things, Autodesk makes innovative editing and designing software. If anyone is ever driven a high-performance vehicle, admired a towering skyscraper, used a smartphone, or watched an excellent movie, they probably encountered what Autodesk's software is doing to millions of Autodesk users. Autodesk provides consumers with the ability to do anything. More than 100 million individuals use Autodesk software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Maya, 3ds Max, Fusion 360, SketchBook and more to unlock their imagination and address significant problems in architecture, company, and environment

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    Bentley Systems

    Bentley Systems

    Bentley Systems is a software developing firm that promotes the qualified requirements of those accountable for building and maintaining the infrastructure of the world, along with roads, bridges, airports, skyscrapers, industrial and power plants, and utility networks. Bentley provides alternatives for the full infrastructure investment lifecycle, adapted to the requirements of the multiple jobs – engineers, designers, geospatial experts, designers, builders, manufacturers, IT executives, carriers and maintenance technicians – who will be working on and working with this asset throughout their lives

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    Bricsys shapes the future of .dwg by implementing AI-powered characteristics and time-saving solutions with excellent customer assistance on a familiar CAD platform, versatile licensing at an honourable cost. Under the BricsCAD ® brand, they design, construct and market creative computer-assisted design software globally. Bricsys products allow the most innovative businesses in the world to streamline workflows of complicated architecture every day. Since 2002, they have been assisting them to do this every day. The individuals of Bricsys are involved in 80 nations, and their software is accessible in 15 languages

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    Founded in 1974, today CMiC provides the most extensive and sophisticated alternatives for business and field activities, designed for building and investment initiatives businesses. The robust software from CMiC transforms how companies optimize efficiency, minimize danger, and boost development by scheduling and handling all financial, project, resource, and content assets— all from a single database platform. The construction sector has undergone unprecedented changes over the past several years— fueled by emerging technologies, such as assimilation with multi-dimensional modelling, an explosion of cloud-based products, and request for robust mobile functionality. CMiC has steadily upgraded and enhanced our sophisticated platform to represent the industry's evolving requirements

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    E-Builder is a cloud-based, project management-building program service that provides reliable results understanding throughout the entire project lifecycle. By optimizing business processes and centralizing project data, facility managers enhance project results. Business intelligence offers on-demand forecasts for informed choices, enhanced monitoring of changes, and fewer unwanted surprises. E-Builder is a Trimble Buildings Organization that manages the project and program management solutions portfolio for developers and tenants. Founded in 1995, members of e-builder Bring a wealth of experience across a wide range of industries

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    Info Tech, Inc.

    Info Tech, Inc.

    Info Tech Systems creates cutting-edge electronic alternatives through computerized infrastructure construction management and Internet bidding systems to promote paperless environments and e-construction projects. Info Tech Consulting offers to consult and help facilities for statistical and econometric lawsuits specialists. Info Tech is a Gainesville-born technology pioneer with a diverse workforce and a cooperative, relaxed atmosphere, dedicated to its employee family, clients, and society. Headquartered in Gainesville, Fla., Info Tech is a private company made up of two major companies: Info Tech Systems and Info Tech Consulting

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    Newforma leads the construction and infrastructure sector with architects, technicians, suppliers, and customers project information management technology. In 2004, Newforma developed the category of PIM software and had since been committed to enhancing project service. Over 1,500 architecture, engineering and manufacturing businesses worldwide use our software, including 191 of the ENR Top 500 Design firms. The world-class leadership team of Company Overview Directors Careers Leadership Newforma is acknowledged as visionary, creative, customer-centric, and energetic. Newforma's management group inspires staff and the larger Newforma society, guided by obviously articulated and inspiring corporate principles

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    Penta Technologies, Inc.

    Penta Technologies, Inc.

    Penta Technologies creates business software to help companies in building, service, and engineering enhance company efficiency. The interactive PENTA interface is driven by a solid database, business analytics, workflow and document management, and portable web-based and indigenous iPad alternatives. PENTA alternatives involve Project Management & Administration, Fixed Asset & Equipment Management; Service Management, Mobile Field Service & Inspections; Payroll & Workforce Management ; Multi-Company, Multi-Currency Financials; Purchasing & Inventory; a client portal for clients of companies to view service background and a staff portal to enable staff of companies to access payroll

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    By providing products and services that link the physical and digital environments, Trimble transforms the manner the universe operates. Core techniques in the fields of placement, modeling, connectivity, and information analysis allow clients to enhance productivity, performance, security, and sustainability. Trimble software, equipment, and facilities are transforming a wide variety of sectors such as agriculture, building, geospatial and logistics and operations from purpose-built items to enterprise lifecycle alternatives. Trimble products are used worldwide in more than 141 nations. Employees in more than 30 nations are serving and supporting clients globally, together with an extremely competent network of retailers and delivery associates